Urban Artichoke
  Patricia Larenas, Garden Designer

My name is Patricia Larenas, a.k.a., Urban Artichoke, my "nom de web."  I left my career in biomedicine to devote myself full time to designing gardens and freelance writing.

Why an Artichoke?

I identify closely with the artichoke because it was brought from its historical origins in the Mediterranean region to the Americas. It’s a member of the thistle family and although it has a rough appearance, I've come to appreciate its elegant beauty. Artichokes are a cherished cultural food in several countries, and especially important in Chile and California, my two homes, in spirit and in fact.

The shared histories of people and plants have been woven together over thousands of years, and as a result plants play a critical role in every culture. We can do our part to honor, preserve, and protect this beautiful partnership.


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